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The cannon is based on one found on 'The Mary Rose', one of Herny VIII's warships. The barrel of the cannon is made from lathed polystyrene and finished with muslin scrim, artex and emulsion paint.  The cannon carriage has a wooden base which was then built up with polystyrene and finished with muslin scrim, artex and emulsion paint. The lions and crest are made from latex and tissue cast from plaster moulds.

The marble and concrete paint samples were painted onto hardboard using emulsion with a base of idenden texture.


The body casting and food casting were made with my university classmates during skills sessions. The torsos are fibreglass and resin made from plaster bandage moulds. The faces are plaster made from alginate moulds that were strengthened with plaster bandage. The hands were made using alginate moulds. The food casts were made using plaster and filled with latex and tissue. One photograph shows a head cast being taken using alginate which was then strengthened using plaster bandage. 

Andy Warhol's 'Queen Elizabeth II' was painted with my classmates. We were each given a section (mine being bottom centre) that had been printed out at 1:25 scale. We had to scale up our own section separately from the others using a scale ruler. They were then put together to create the finished image.


Paula Rego's 'The Cigarette' was scaled up from an A5 image to an 8ft x 4ft flat. This image shows the painting in progress. It was painted using emulsions. 

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